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I’m baaack….

So it’s been insane with me lately! I know I said I was going to blog as often as I could. Life has thrown me intense curve balls this year already.

Boyfriend front — Well he finally got a job. After 7 long months he got a job that he absolutely loves! He tries to talk to me but completely over my head. Just glad he got a job that he loves and can contribute to the house now. In March we had a little set back but better now. I feel like sometimes he looses the sight of what is important and then we have an argument and then it will be better for a while. Sometimes it’s like we are old married couple.

Job front — well I am not working 6 days a week anymore 10-12 hour shifts. I still get some overtime just nothing like I was before. Moron is a RN and nurse manager and she asks me stuff that she should know. Sometimes I wonder how she got not only this job but her license. I know that’s mean but when she asks a person who just been around the block a few times it’s not that I have much schooling how or what to do is just sad. Boyfriend mentions that in EVERY class there is someone that finishes firs and someone that finishes last. So maybe this is the case here. CEO Jr he is just a jerk and think he runs the whole place but I think higher ups maybe are noticing that he doesn’t do what he is supposed to do. And then he says, “he is not clinical”. But only when it’s convenient for him. He signs he name with RN following it so therefore you clinical!!!! HIM girl she was a unit secretary and now she is full time in HIM and she just doesn’t know how to leave her old position behind. I mean I get it’s hard but can’t meddle in other departments when it’s not part of what you gotta do. TC she is the day unit secretary (my old position) she is doing good. Sometimes I wonder but then it really does appear that she gets it. Not 100% her fault she literally got like 1.5 days of training so she kinda just had to figure it out. Boss lady she is the CNO and is amazing only been there about 3-4 months and she is getting it all turned around. My boss she is absolutely amazing I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Family front — we are preparing to be taking a intensive trip in October! We are going to Israel for a cousins wedding. But I mean make a great trip of lifetime together. We shall see if it all comes together.

So I am going to Colorado in August for a friends birthday trip. So I think it will be a fun time. It’s pretty inexpensive. And it’s will good people. Supposed to hike a freaking mountain 12 + something miles. So it will be an intense accomplishment!

Weight loss front — I am back on the getting healthy train. I am in the competition with some friends where is our team collectively looses the most weight we can win up to $2k each. So that’s our goal. I’m a bit competitive so I’m like let’s do this! The money be fun to win. But the losing weight would be an added bonus it’s over a three month period. So I’ve been going to the gym 4-5 times a week. Tracking my nutrition better. So hopefully I can succeed it’s exciting. My mom is glad I’m doing now. Because what I do now in my 30s will effect me later so she is happy that I’m doing it the right way. No surgery. No pills. Good ol’ fashion hard work…doing it healthy.

Went to my preschool teachers retirement party yesterday. It was nice seeing her. She has been a big part of my life in many different stages.

Happy Monday!

New year…new problems

So it’s been a whirl wind over here.

Let’s talk Work….today dragon lady walked out and puts me in a bind. We are a small company and the position she was in I stepped down from about a month ago. And we have a new girl starting. But this company is known for hiring people who aren’t necessarily a good fit. So not only do I have to step up and be a team player and train this new girl so hopefully she can be successful. On top of that I still have my normal responsibilities plus been helping other departments out and so the limitless amounts of overtime is truly limitless. But this just stresses me out more

Boyfriend is still on the job search I think he is becoming more anxious. Because he wants to contribute! Just frustrated the whole process.

Yesterday was my birthday I worked. We celebrated over the weekend.

I haven’t been working out. It’s been hard to work as much as I have been. It’s been hard to cook and do meal prep. We had a coupon for hello fresh it’s to be delivered tomorrow so that will help with portions and such. So we will see how it will go. I will post with our first meal.

Well time to binge watch some television! Hope you all have a good night.

What a week!!!

Sorry been MIA lately just been insanely busy. Working 6-7 days 10-12 hour days is just emotionally and physically exhausting. So today I am taking time off. I got to sleep in (which I NEVER do)! And then going to the parents to play bunco (dice game) and enjoy some amazing soup! Which it definitely is the time of year for this. Then we have family dinner so it will be a fun filled packed Sunday for sure!

Last night went over to equestrian’s house made some good soup and rolls. Had some wine and talked and chilled with some good company. I call her the equestrian because she has two horses. And normally when I chill with her I help feed the horses. I don’t mind at all except when it’s like -4 degrees. Too damn cold. But someone has to do it. I admire her so much. She owns her own business with horse lessons plus does dressage. Which I don’t much about so she definitely teaches me about the horse life.

Boyfriend had a job interview last week. He says we won’t know anything for a couple of weeks. So I hope in the mean time he looks at the temp job market to just bring something in. Because he is not exactly helpful he just plays his games and doesn’t do much around the house. So he wants to buy something for his computer (which I do think he needs) buuuuut that being said I told if you want this you need to do stuff around the house, have dinner done when I get home. Not just play your games all damn day. Sometimes he doesn’t see my point of view when I like kill my self all week working tons of overtime. So we shall see.

It snowed here today. I love it when I don’t have to go anywhere. Even though I live in the Midwest you would think we get it often enough to drive okay in it…NOPE! So you know I like looking at it but I can’t stand it if I need to go anywhere!

Well I hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

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Oh…Monday how I dislike you so

So my Monday started off waking up at 4 am because my sister wanted me to go to the gym with before I went to work. And even though she can run on 3 hours of sleep it’s just not conducive for me. Especially since my job takes a lot of mental capacity. But somehow I got up did the gym thing for like an hour or so. Then off to work I went. I usually only work for 8ish hours buuuut I’m approved for all this overtime right now so mind as well take advantage of it while they are offering it. I’m not too sure how I’m still awake though. It’s truly been a very long day.

So Monday’s are always hard no matter what! Dragon lady is as useless as a dog reading the newspaper. She just can’t even leave her chair to attempt to fix the printer. Instead she is making her budget on company time. I’m lucky I even get to take my lunch break. So it’s entirely frustrating when someone cares less about getting things done correctly. Like I said I work in the medical field and I am very passionate about what I do. But then again I feel this isn’t just a job for me it’s a career. I also think dragon lady is jealous I’ve moved up in the company a few times and been there longer and gotten more opportunities but then again she isn’t an open person. But I guess I just need to remember that.

Boyfriend has his interview tomorrow I really need all the good vibes for him! We really need this. I do think he is excited but I know he is probably nervous about it as well. Getting a job Now is soooo much harder than it ever used to be. Just rough on one income for sure!

Off to watch some trash t.v. I know it’s quite pointless buuut it’s a guilty pleasure. Hope y’all have a chill Monday night.

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Sunday Funday

Well today was a pretty chill day….

I didn’t make it to the gym but I think it’s okay to not go balls to the walls in a sense. So I plan to go in the morning.

I am starting a 12 week challenge I don’t think I’m ready for it but the winner wins a $500 gift card. So that would be fun maybe really jump start and continue my journey and keep me accountable.

I am working like a ton of overtime at work. Like it’s limitless amounts so it’s nice in that way but also sucks because it’s takes me away from my family and life. But until my boyfriend gets a job then I have to continue to work all this extra time in. I know he is trying but it’s so frustrating but I’m apparently not very patient although I think three months is pretty patient.

So that all being said boyfriend and I have been together for it will be six years in March (I know six years!). People always say when you getting married!?!? When you going to have children!?! Why is it that we gotta be in a hurry. I mean I get it neither of us are getting any younger but why can’t I do it on my own time!?! It’s definitely frustrating I mean I want to be financially stable. I want to be able to support myself before I bring another human life into the world. I am trying to be responsible which is not what MOST people do. I want kids and I want to get married but I want to do it when I want not when someone else says.

Well enough of my soapbox for tonight. Off to bed have a long day ahead of me.

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Let’s get this started…

Well it being the new year and all I decided I should start blogging not trying to jump on the bandwagon or anything just getting things off my chest.

A little about myself — I’m a 32 year old midwestern girl. I work in the health care field I wear many hats I do a lot of the back office charge entry stuff. I started off as a CNA then worked as a unit secretary which I like but needed another change. So it’s a materials tech/charge entry. On top of all that I have been helping in the HIM (Health Information Management) department which I’m extremely interested in learning it’s something I would definitely consider going to school for. I’m a person that loves what I do I will put my soul into it. I want to learn the in the outs of everything plus it makes me a more valuable employee because like I said I wear many hats. That all being said I work with some interesting characters and I’m sure you will learn all about them soon enough.

I have been on a weight loss journey for about three years now. It’s not a race though I’ve lost so far about 80 pounds. And have probably about 100 or so more to go. I know that seems intense but I’m short only 5’2 and so it looks so different on me. I just started going back to the gym just today. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the elliptical, and 20 minutes on the bike. And need to do my stretches before bed (hopefully)! I’m just trying to get healthy and if that means I become more fit then that’s an extra plus. I don’t think I have been this small in a long while even though it’s not THAT small but considering where I started it is a huge improvement for sure!

I’m off to watch me some Outlander! Hope y’all have a great weekend!